General information The High Type Sport Wear online store is owned by HighType Sp. z o. o. Based in Wrocław, at ul. Ołbińska 3/1A. NIP 8982226789, KRS 0000654305, REGON 366149655 HighType Sp. z o. o. is also responsible for the entire operation of the store. To fully service the store on behalf of HighType Sp. z o. o. The authorized company is Hewen Eliza Stachowiak with its registered office in Nowa Sól, at ul. Sienkiewicza 30/4. NIP 925 176 45 15 The High Type Sport Wear online store, hereinafter referred to as the "High Type Store", is dedicated to the products of the Polish manufacturer of thermoactive clothing, produced and distributed under the High Type name. The High Type Store can be contacted by phone at 784 520 443, Monday to Friday, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. There is also an e-mail address, to which inquiries can be sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Store operations The High Type store distributes and promotes products manufactured under the HighType SportWear brand. The High Type store sells wholesale and retail clothing according to its own designs and also produces clothing dedicated to individual customer orders. Terms of use of the store Adults or minors are entitled to use the store with the consent of their legal guardian. The High Type store is available at To operate it properly, you need a PC with parameters enabling proper operation of Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox 24 or newer web browsers. The High Type Store informs that on devices other than a PC, as well as on older browsers and those not listed above, the High Type Store may not work properly. Each user of the High Type Store operating it through devices and browsers other than those indicated by the Store does so at their own risk and bears the consequences for errors resulting from this operation. Conditions of order execution The condition for accepting and executing an order is to correctly complete and submit the application form. In the application form you must provide: Selected product with size and selected variants, if any. first name and last name shipping address contact information (e-mail address and telephone number) You must also choose the payment method and the method of receiving and shipping the goods. Shipping methods and payment methods along with costs are given in separate plants and in the purchase and sale form. After completing all the data, the buyer is obliged to read the same regulations. By accepting it, the Customer expresses the obligation to collect the ordered package and confirms that all the information provided by him is consistent with the actual situation. The buyer is responsible for providing all information correctly. On this basis, a purchase and sale agreement is concluded between the HighType Store and the buyer. The High Type store is fully responsible for the time and quality of the delivered goods. He has 30 days to meet these conditions. The exact delivery time depends on the availability of goods. If the goods are available in stock, the product will be shipped within 72 hours of meeting the payment conditions. Payment terms are presented in the payments and shipping tab. If the goods are not available in stock, they will be sewn and sent at a later date, and the customer will be informed immediately. Delivery time also depends on the type of transport chosen by the buyer. The store reserves the right to refuse to process an order or to change the terms of order processing if there is a suspicion of an intention to commit fraud, exposing the store to legal consequences or financial costs. If the Store suspects that a given transaction will be unfair, it will immediately inform the buyer about it, providing new terms of sale. If the terms are not accepted, the transaction will be canceled. If the customer selects prepaid shipping and does not complete it within 7 days, the transaction will be canceled. Changes and termination of concluded contracts. Changing or terminating the concluded contract is possible at any time until the High Type Store ships the ordered goods. If the goods are sent, termination of the sales contract is possible only on the basis of the return of the goods. Terms and conditions specified in the returns and complaints tab. If the goods are made to individual customer order (applying an individual club logo, name), then changes and termination of the contract are possible until the product is confirmed. If the goods have been delivered, changes and termination of the contract are not possible. All issues not regulated in the above regulations are consistent with the principles of the Civil Code. Personalized products and products from an individual offer In our store you can order pr

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