Conditions for personalizing the official collection!

In our store, you can apply 1 personalization for free for each product available in the offer. Personalization is applied in the design phase, which is why it creates a uniform whole with the entire print on the product.

1. It is possible to put the inscription in one place on the product, front, back, sleeve, leg.

2. The inscription is made with Impact font - size (+ -2 cm), content, color and place of the inscription should be included in the remarks of the order. Payment method tab when placing the order. The personalization content should be enclosed in parentheses. For example: (KOWALSKI)

3. The inscription must not cover the logo of the HighType SportsWear brand 

4. Individual and personalized products are not returnable or exchangeable. Only prepayment is accepted for products with additional personalization. Orders with cash on delivery will be cancelled. This is due to the fact that all these products are sewn to individual customer orders.

5. If you would like to place more additional elements, such as a logo, please contact us to determine individual conditions.

Conditions for personalizing an individual / retail offer!
Create your own product from just 1 item!
Choose one of the presented foundations.
Choose the amount of personalization and product size Pay for the order and, along with the order number, send to the logos and a description of how to put the graphics on the product *
We will send you your individual product within 5 working days.
Remarks *
  1. We do not present the final visualization, so please provide a detailed description of the project. All unspecified things will be done at the discretion of our graphic designers. Precise placement is to give the place and approximate size, e.g. left breast, about 10 cm. We do not guarantee that the size of the graphics will be perfectly reflected as some deviations result from the production process.
  2. One graphic image can be placed on each of the elements (front, back, left sleeve, right sleeve, left leg, right leg). The graphic image may consist of an inscription, logo or a combination of these elements, but it must be in one file with appropriate proportions and distances, because in the system we receive, it will be printed on the product.
  3. All items will be matched to the template. If the given amount exceeds the capacity to be placed on the product, it will be reduced. In a situation where the graphic consists of many elements, the size of all elements will be reduced proportionally. For example: the graphic consists of 1 inscription and 2 logos and only the inscription will not fit on the product. Nevertheless, the logos will also be reduced proportionally with the inscription.
  4. We are not responsible for the quality of the materials sent. Each sent file should have a minimum of 200 dpi with the actual size (i.e. the one we want to have printed). Failure to do so may result in loss of print quality. Not very complicated graphics, e.g. circle, square, simple font can be delivered in the form of JPG, PSD, PDF. In the case of more complex graphics, the file must be delivered in a version without a background, i.e. in PNG format.
  5. The print cannot obscure or cover our logo. We can also refuse to print a pattern for which there is a suspicion that the given logo or graphics do not belong to the client. Eg Logos of famous brands. We also do not print items considered offensive.
  6. Custom-made products cannot be returned or exchanged. They also require payment in advance. Therefore, if you have doubts about the layout of the graphics, the size and quality of your graphics, ask before placing an order.

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